The use of sandwich panels


The panels are decorative element with excellent properties and they are ideal for innovative, modern and artistic tiling of walls and ceilings. Combinations of mechanical properties such as strength and light weight along with an excellent aesthetic style is highly appreciated by designers and architects.

Compared to other cladding materials, aluminum honeycomb facade has unparalleled strong points:

  • Green, environmental and energy saving facade material which is called as the best  in 21st century.
  • Light weight, hyper strength, good rigidity, stable structure and wind pressure resistant.

Thanks to the light weight of aluminum honeycomb facade, hyper strength and good rigidity, it is now widely used in interior and exterior decoration. Fifteen mm thick panel of 1mm face panel weighs only 6 Kg per square meter. With the same rigidity, the aluminum honeycomb panels’ weight is only one fifth of solid aluminum panels, and one tenth of steel panels. It´s structure makes the whole aluminum honeycomb facade panel very stable, not easy to be bend. It´s wind-pressure resistance is much better than aluminum solid panel. Furthermore, aluminum honeycomb facade does not tend to distort or deform, it has good flatness.

  • Sound proof, thermal insulation, fireproof and shake damping.

The aluminum honeycomb core is divided into many sealed cells that block the airflow. It also block the heat and sound wave transmission.

  • Good decoration effect, easy and fast installation

According to different requirements, the aluminum honeycomb face panels can be replaced with different materials, such as stainless steel panel. According to the architectural design from construction companies facade aluminum honeycomb panels are fabricated into finished product of different size and shape after cutting and grooving. Therefore the installation is easy for the end-users.



They are used as construction elements, walls, tiles, facades, floor coverings, doors, ceilings and the like. They are nonflammable and have also found applications in air technology, sound barriers, traffic signs, sheds, furniture, packaging materials including inserts, etc.


Transport – rail, road, sea, air, vertical (elevators, lifts)

The transport industry is constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and sandwich panels not only reduce fuel consumption but also increase payload. Their high strength to weight ratio is an excellent alternative to traditional materials.

Sandwich panels can be used for all types of bodywork, floors, pillars, ceilings and walls in trains, trucks or trailers. Honeycombs are used as absorbers of kinetic energy.



Sandwich panel offers a huge range of applications in various industries such as automotive, energy, marine and aerospace industries. They could be used as turbines, lightweight containers, cabin machine tools, wind tunnels, lifting platforms, elevators, sports equipment. They are used also for directing the flow of air, light, water and other fluids.

Furniture, interiors

Tables, cabinets, shelves, decorative elements, combined furniture, room partitions and more.


Snowboards, skis, sports boats, motor racing and more.


Panels of its structure offer light support for graphics or other decorative material.